What Sets Us Apart?

  • We are Driveshaft and 9" Differential Specialists
  • Automotive, Truck and Earthmoving Driveshafts
  • Customised Solutions
  • Over 30 Years Combined Experience
  • WA Licensed Repairer
Licensed Repairer - WA - MRB 567
9" Diffs

Final Drive Diffs

Final Drive Engineering has earned the reputation as one of Australia's best when it comes to 9" Diffs and Axles. And our experience means we consistently produce high quality, high performance diff housings and modifications that satisfy the requirements for even the most hard-core vehicles.

We also offer a diff housing straightening service for 4WD's that includes both front and rear.

And we carry a large range of 9" Diff parts including;

  • 28 and 31 spline axles in stock (including XY Falcon and VL Turbo)
  • Full spools 9” and Borg Warner
  • Detroit True Trac
  • Strange Engineering cases, pinion supports and yokes
  • Moser Engineering custom billet axles

9" Diff Conversions

Final Drive Engineering can supply 9" housing and axle conversions to suit most vehicles in 28, 31 or 35 spline. We use only new large shoulder housings where possible.

Sheet Metal 9" Diff Housings

Where most sheet metal diffs have only four folds on the crown-wheel case and 3" housing tubes, our designed and engineered housings have 6 folds and start with a 3.5" hydraulic tube to handle even the most severe beating.

And our sheet metal 9" housings have been fitted to a wide range of "tough" street cars with little or no modification required to the body.

Racing with Final Drive

For Drag Racing we can supply a chrome moly tig welded housing with our own four link design in a range of four link centres, or if required, we can fabricate a replacement housing for an existing vehicle.

We also fabricate sheet metal housings for doorslammers, funnycars and dragsters using mild steel or 4130 Chrome Moly. And at Final Drive we can supply a diff housing for you to build your car from, or build a housing to replace your old tired unit.

So contact Final Drive Engineering today and find out how we can help you to get your car performing at its best.